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Transforming Cardiovascular Health through AI-Powered Diagnostics

arterioscope’s mission is to revolutionize the way we understand the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, one of the biggest health challenges in our society.

The core of our patented technology is an advanced AI algorithm, capable of interpreting measurement data from ECG, PPG, and IPG with 97% accuracy.

Our Use-Cases

Biomarker Diagnostics

Cardiovascular Health

We are developing a platform for non-invasive biomarker diagnostics for cardiovascular health. Our advanced diagnostic tools provide rapid and accurate assessments, helping healthcare professionals make timely decisions and improving patient outcomes.

Risk Monitoring

Diabetes Complications

arterioscope is dedicated to helping millions of diabetes patients monitor their cardiovascular risks. We provide highly accessible, non-invasive diagnostic tools that enable early detection and management of complications, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Research & Dev

Digital Twin Simulation

arterioscope offers cutting-edge digital twin blood flow simulation technology for research and development purposes. Our advanced simulations provide precise and detailed insights, empowering researchers and developers to innovate and optimize cardiovascular treatments effectively.

Our Science & Publications

Learn about the technology of arterioscope from 50+ peer reviewed publications

Bayesian uncertainty quantification with multi-fidelity data and gaussian processes for impedance cardiography of aortic dissection

Dec., 31th, 2019

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Our Customer Segments

Heart Monitor with ECG Lines on the Background of Critical Patie


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Hand in Glove with Automatic Pipette and Samples, Panoramic Image. Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR Used in Medical Testing, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Clinical Research in Laboratory.


Join arterioscope in a fast growing market for cardiovascular related healthcare technologies.

“At arterioscope, we are committed to revolutionizing cardiovascular health by providing innovative, non-invasive diagnostic solutions”

Our Scientific and Business Partners

Meet the Founders

Hermann Moser, MA MA

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Vahid Badeli

Co-Founder & CTO

DI Dr. Sascha Ranftl

Co-Founder & CSO

Our valued Advisory Board

Dr. Ghazaleh Gouya

Werner Koele, MSc

MD Cardiology

CEO Gouya Insights

Co-Founder & CEO

Steadysense GmbH

Prof. Dr. Alice Reinbacher-


Dr. Tilmann Kluge

Head of BU Medical Signal Analysis, AIT GmbH

Professor Institute IGTE,

Graz University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Holzapfel

Head Institute of Biomechanics,

Graz University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Julia Mader

MD Diabetology,

Medical University of Graz

Dr. Markus Wuchse

DI Fritz Bruner

Former Top Management, Regional Health Insurance Fund Styria

Independent Med-Tech Consultant

Our Company Story

arterioscope is a spin-off from the University of Technology in Graz, Austria. Since its inception in 2018 as a strategic lead project, our technology has evolved through the dedication of great scientists and entrepreneurs.

By 2024 we are proud to offer a technology to revolutionize the understanding of diagnostics and treatment for cardiovascular diseases, to make a difference for the industry and help millions of patients out there.


Aorta Bloodflow Simulation

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